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Home Assistant: Smart Meter Integration

The Vienna Smart Meter Integration enables seamless integration of your Vienna Smart Meter into the Home Assistant setup. It allows monitoring and tracking of your electricity consumption data directly from the Home Assistant dashboard.

Automating Pet Care: Building an ESP8266-Powered Automated Cat Feeder

The Cat Feeder was created with the aim of providing cat care in a simple way. It is powered by an ESP8266, 3D-printed components, a NEMA17 stepper motor with A4988 Driver Module, as well as a 12V power supply.
Additionally, the cat feeder is simple to integrate into well-known home automation systems like Home Assistant, enabling you to feed your cat with an embedded HTTP request.

Resource Planning

User-Friendly Interface:
The Angular frontend ensures an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience.

The generic design and implementation allow adaptation to various use cases in the field of resource planning.

Multi-Tenancy Support:
Suitable for multiple users or organizations.

Comprehensive Features:
From room reservations to event registrations – our application covers a wide range of planning needs.

Reduces manual tasks and improves efficiency for administrators and users.